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Q: What kind of warranty is included with this product?
The M Cushion warranty certifies the product will be free of manufacturing defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Q: Can you clean your M Cushion cover?
M Cushion's covers can be machine washed using cold water on a gentle cycle. Do not use bleach when cleaning, only mild detergent. Make sure to dry flat or tumble dry with no heat.
Q: Is it comfortable without the massage running?
M Cushion's unique Dual Core Comfort System™ makes the cushion comfortable for any occasion, while providing plenty of support for a great massage.
Q: Are there different level of heat or massage intensity?
M Cushion proivdes one level of soothing heat that does not change. There is only one level of massage, however you can increase the massage intensity by applying more pressure to the unit.
Q: Can you use the heat without the massage running?
The heat can only be activated once the massage device is active.
Q: Other than your back, what other parts of your body does M Cushion work well with?
M Cushion's four kneading shiatus massage nodes, placed slightly off center, provide an adjustable and customizable relaxing massage for your back, neck, and legs.
Q: Is M Cushion battery operated?
No, M Cushion must be plugged into it's power adapter to function. The cord measures 70 inches in length. Connecting the power cord is just as easy as connecting any laptop or phone charger.
Q: What happens if I want to change my M Cushion's style?
Every M Cushion cover is interchangeable. You're able to purchase different covers and swap them out as your style changes.

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