Quick Tips to Design the Ultimate Man Cave

June 06, 2017

Quick Tips to Design the Ultimate Man Cave

Everyone deserves a place to relax and unwind, and even the smallest room in the house can become a welcome getaway from the stresses of daily life. Enter the man cave. This room is a place that's just for the guys, so it should be comfortable, convenient and a whole lot of fun. Try these tips to design the perfect man cave in your home.

1. Get Comfortable

The key to success in any man cave is creating a comfortable place to kick back and put your feet up. Add a big, comfy couch or a set of recliners -- those with drink holders and built-in storage on the sides are sure to please. Leather is a great choice for masculine decor, but any dark upholstery will look great for years -- without too much fuss to keep it clean.

2. Add Entertainment

The focal point of every great man cave is the TV -- the bigger the screen, the better. Orient your furniture toward the screen so that everyone can enjoy the big game or the latest blockbuster. Add surround sound and other home theater goodies, and you may never want to leave!

3. Get Creative

No matter what your hobby, it's important to make room for it in your man cave. Be sure to add space for your favorite activities. This could be a workbench for your tools, a guitar stand and amp for musicians, or a display case for your favorite sci-fi figurines. Whatever it is you love to do best, designate a corner of your cave for that activity.

4. Add Color

The beauty of having a room of your own is that it doesn't have to match the rest of the house. This is where your favorite colors and patterns come into play. Paint the walls a rich shade of brown or navy to create a cozy, masculine atmosphere. Add plenty of shelves to display your trophies and collections, and shop for new artwork to hang on the walls, whether it's a vintage movie poster or a collection of license plates.

5. Feed a Crowd

Be sure to save a corner of your cave for a food prep station. This can include a mini-fridge and a bar for serving up icy beers or your favorite cocktails. You can also add a cabinet or two for storing snacks like chips, salsa and other treats. Stock up on paper plates, Solo cups and plastic cutlery so you don't have to do the dishes after the big game.

6. Say Ahh

For a finishing touch, outfit your sofa and chairs with an M Cushion Shiatsu Massage Cushion. These clever cushions look like ordinary throw pillows, but inside they contain a shiatsu massager to work the kinks out of your lower back and leave you feeling completely stress-free. Try the camo- and leather-inspired designs in the Wilderness Collection, and enjoy a luxurious massage at the end of every day.

Father's Day is coming up, so try surprising Dad with a massage cushion or two to trick out his man cave. If he doesn't already have a place of his own, include a card with some paint chips and a note that says this year he can design his own private retreat -- it will be the best present ever!

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