Help Mom Chill Out this Mother's Day

May 11, 2017

Help Mom Chill Out this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up, and we know you want to honor your mother with something special. Instead of giving her another kitchen appliance or sending flowers, give her something really special this year. Take her out to her favorite restaurant, tell her how much you appreciate everything she does -- then give her a gift to finish out her Mother's Day that will relax her muscles and renew her spirit. Follow these relaxing Mother's Day ideas to make her special weekend one she will never forget.

Beat Her to the Kitchen

You may tell her that you're going to take care of everything this Mother's Day weekend, but she might try to get into the kitchen and start cooking for everyone just out of habit. That means you'll have to beat her to it. Get up early if you have to, and let Mom know that she's off duty! Once you get her out of the kitchen, make her a morning coffee and serve it with her favorite pastries. While she eats, prep a few meals to freeze so she can take a few nights off later in the month -- she'll thank you for it after a long day!

Surprise Luncheon

On Sunday afternoon, take her to a special tea shop or some other place with a lovely atmosphere for an afternoon meal. Try something French or Italian for some European flair, and remember that atmosphere and scenery are key. Research your options online first if you're trying something new. Mother's Day is a busy time, so book early!

An Afternoon Just for Mom

Once her tummy is full, let her know that now it's her day - for real. Whatever it is that she likes most, even if it's just a shop browsing tour, let Mom's desires set the agenda. Maybe she loves hiking or surfing. Maybe she enjoys time in the garden or Mimosas on the deck. Whatever it is, that's what's happening.

A Chore-Free Weekend

Remember, you're not letting Mom do any domestic work this weekend! After lunch and into the evening, let her watch her favorite television shows, wear her slippers and be taken care of. While she's relaxing, clean the house so it shines and take care of the laundry while you're at it! This will give her the week off from household chores, so your gift keeps on giving.

Year-Round Relaxation

You've spent the day making Mom comfortable and happy, but now it's time to give her a special surprise to unwrap. Treat her to a year-round massage right in her own home with an M Cushion Shiatsu massage cushion. Our unique cushions come in a range of beautiful designs and will provide Mom with the relaxing massage she needs to soothe tired muscles. Choose one that matches her living room decor and show her how to use it. Every evening when she sits back to enjoy her massage, she'll be sure to think of you!

Once her tour de force Mother's Day weekend is over, Mom should feel blissfully relaxed and loved -- just as she should every day. She's definitely earned it, and even if you choose just a few of these Mother's Day treats, you can be sure she'll have a relaxing weekend to enjoy.

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