Everything You Need To Know About Shiatsu Massage, including its benefits

February 28, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Shiatsu Massage, including its benefits

Chances are you’re overdue for a massage.  With life’s stresses and pressures, you certainly deserve one;  but how to choose the type of massage best for you?  With many differing types of massage modalities to choose from, here are some pointers on Shiatsu, and why it might just be the best choice for you.

Originating in Japan, and popularized in modern America by leading practitioner, Wataru Ohasi, this method of stress relief uses acupressure along the meridian lines to help relieve the daily rigors of today’s lifestyles.

Eastern medicine and ancient philosophies combine the best of body, mind and spirit.  The creation of balance and harmony along with improved mindfulness which leads to inner peace is an objective of Shiatsu.

How Does Shiatsu Massage Work?

Blonde woman receiving Shiatsu neck massage.

First and foremost, Shiatsu is a massage that is done with clothes on! No oils, salves, or topical ointments are used.  Normally done on the floor, with a cushioned mat, the pressure and the effect is immediately felt.

Shiatsu pressure is applied in a systematic method, much like a road map of the body. The meridian lines, Eastern medicines guide to health and wellness, direct the practitioner on ‘where to go next’ in applying pressure and relief.

Each spot on the meridian is called a Tsubo.  Tsubos in Shiatsu are where “X marks the spot.”  Their locations on the body are based on ancient Asian medicine.

So, the Shiatsu practitioner will use their thumbs, hands, palms, elbows, knees and feet to push, stretch and activate the Tsubos.  If you’re familiar with acupuncture, you’ll notice that the meridian lines are the same.  Of course, acupuncture is a different practice and experience.

How Respected is Shiatsu in Japan and Asia?

The ancient Japanese form of massage called Anma, created by Tamai Tempaku, based its origins on the formulations of Chinese Acupuncture.

Shiatsu is so revered and respected; that the Japanese government recognizes it as a medical therapy. In the late 1940’s, Shiatsu schools begun to spring up in Japan to continue the education of this modality.

Asian countries, such as Thailand, have also embraced similar massage styles – using pressure, mat based massage, emphasizing pressure points for effectiveness.

Benefits of Shiatsu

Many people feel Shiatsu helps reduce stress and provides a general feeling of well-being.

Consider the effect from reduction of fatigue, stiffness and stress.  Everyone’s experience is of course different because our bodies are not the same, so you might just find that you’ll feel results different than those described.

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